Writer’s Block Wednesday:: Lit Mags, pt1

This is what I’ve been working on instead of writing this week. It was meant to be a COMPLETE LIST of literary magazines I hand-picked from a larger list. I wanted to find ways to publish my work without trying to fit into a theme or a demographic.

The list below is HUGE, but only goes through the Cs. They have no limits on age, genre, type, or themes [for the most part]. Many of them may lean towards unusual or strange themes, and all of them should be currently looking for submissions as of the time I publish this post.

I did this for my benefit, but I wanted to put it here. It is  a jumbled mess of just links, but I hope it offers some help to anyone else out there!


Black Heart Magazine

5X5 Literary Magazine

34th Parallel Indie Lit Mag

A Minor Magazine

Aberration Labyrinth [poetry]


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Androit Journal

After Hour Review


Alaska Quarterly Review

Albion Review

All The Sins

Apersand Review [poetry]

Antioch Review

Apeiron Review




Arts & Letters

Avatar Review


Baltimore Review

Bangalore Review



Bayou Magazine

Beautiful Losers

Belle Ombre

Bennington Review

Big Window Review

Bitterzoet Magazine

Black Candies

Black Fox

Black Warrior Review


Blue Bonnet Review

Blue Earth Review

Blue Nib

Blue River Review


Boiler Journal


Bourbon Penn

Brain, Child

Bread Crumbs

Broad River Review

Burningword Literary Journal

Cape Rock

Cardinal Sins

Carnival Literary Magazine

Carte Blanche

Carve Magazine

Cat On A Leash Review

Cease, Cows

Cimarron Review

Claudius Speaks

Colorado Review

Communion Arts Magazine



Copper Nickle

Courtship of Winds

Crab Fat Magazine

Crack the Spine




Insert Clever Title Here for Day 2

2018: Day 2

Current Office Goals:

  • Title this damn blog post (nailed it)
  • Start my fan fiction (at least 100 words)
  • Drink cranberry juice

Really? It’s only day 2?

I was concerned I was putting way too much pressure on myself. All at once, I’m trying to change my eating habits, my lifestyle habits, and my creative habits. It turns out I was not prepared for the emotional response to these things.

It’ll require balance. I need to make these changes, and I need to take care of myself.

I’m already frustrated. Bah! I need a nap.



Every year, I try to choose one song to be my theme song. Here is mine for 2018:

[I’m not being reimbursed for sharing this video, nor am I paid to endorse it]

I have quite a few different goals for 2018, but for the sake of time and consistency, I want to stick to my creative endeavors.

1.)  Maintain My Website/Blog

It’s going to be messy at first, and for all I know it’ll stay messy. I want to keep up with it, but I don’t want to freak myself out by setting up standards. My anxiety tricks me into thinking it’s impossible, so I want to take away any advantage it may have over my writing career. Be prepared for run on sentences, fragmented sentences, uncomfortable similes, and general ranting.

2.) Write Every Day

Would it make more sense to give a word-count goal or say how many books/short stories/poems I wish to publish in a month? Probably. Given my struggles the last few years to get anything going, simply writing every day will be the best starting point.

3.) Update Social Media Profiles & Check Them Daily

There is so much potential I’m missing out on, and I need to keep up with the action. Again, don’t expect super world-class posts. They may just be pictures of my cat.

4.) Update All Logos and Images

It’s a silly, easy goal. My pictures are old. I’m no longer a blonde. And I have no logo to brand me. I may also need to update my author name… I don’t know.

5.) Write and publish Fan Fiction

I love reading fan fiction, but I get super embarrassed when I start writing it. Ridiculous!! I just need to do it!!!