Writer’s Block Wednesday:: Lit Mags, pt1

This is what I’ve been working on instead of writing this week. It was meant to be a COMPLETE LIST of literary magazines I hand-picked from a larger list. I wanted to find ways to publish my work without trying to fit into a theme or a demographic.

The list below is HUGE, but only goes through the Cs. They have no limits on age, genre, type, or themes [for the most part]. Many of them may lean towards unusual or strange themes, and all of them should be currently looking for submissions as of the time I publish this post.

I did this for my benefit, but I wanted to put it here. It is  a jumbled mess of just links, but I hope it offers some help to anyone else out there!


Black Heart Magazine

5X5 Literary Magazine

34th Parallel Indie Lit Mag

A Minor Magazine

Aberration Labyrinth [poetry]


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Androit Journal

After Hour Review


Alaska Quarterly Review

Albion Review

All The Sins

Apersand Review [poetry]

Antioch Review

Apeiron Review




Arts & Letters

Avatar Review


Baltimore Review

Bangalore Review



Bayou Magazine

Beautiful Losers

Belle Ombre

Bennington Review

Big Window Review

Bitterzoet Magazine

Black Candies

Black Fox

Black Warrior Review


Blue Bonnet Review

Blue Earth Review

Blue Nib

Blue River Review


Boiler Journal


Bourbon Penn

Brain, Child

Bread Crumbs

Broad River Review

Burningword Literary Journal

Cape Rock

Cardinal Sins

Carnival Literary Magazine

Carte Blanche

Carve Magazine

Cat On A Leash Review

Cease, Cows

Cimarron Review

Claudius Speaks

Colorado Review

Communion Arts Magazine



Copper Nickle

Courtship of Winds

Crab Fat Magazine

Crack the Spine




Am I Willing To Change?

My husband and I are fans of YouTube documentarians Gone With The Wynn’s. Last night, we watched their most recent video about catching lobsters for dinner. I’ll link the video below for reference.

After watching the video, I told my husband how I wanted to live our lives the same way. Casually, he tells me: “We’ll have to give up a lot in order to have that life.”

Wow… I haven’t gotten it off my mind since. We’ve always talked about living in an RV, but we’ve never acknowledged how much we would give up in the process. But when it comes to our current situation, would it really mean giving up a lot of norms?

The American dream for my generation is to go to college, score the big job, buy the best house, get married, and have kids. All of my peers have grown up to do the same thing. And it’s what I’ve dreamed of my entire life.

How come we have yet to settle down and do all of these things?

For one, I haven’t found that one job I loved. I’ve been in and out of every industry imaginable. The only ones I enjoyed were usually the part-time jobs or the ones which paid very little. My absolute favorite was working at an event arena doing housekeeping and conversions. It was back-breaking work, but I looked forward to work every day. I didn’t even mind the late night hours. Of course, it was inconsistent work and only paid $10/hour. It’s hard to pay off your student loans and keep your rent paid in full with that type pf income.

Second of all, my husband and I have always been restless. We’ve dreamed of living all over the place: the east coast, Florida, Alaskan Bush, and even over in Europe. There is so much to see and experience, and we don’t want to miss out on it. Simply vacationing in these places doesn’t offer the same experiences compared to actually living there.

Third of all, and probably the most obvious, we can’t possibly have a house or settle down if we want to basically live everywhere.

I’ve always had a desire in the back of my mind to live in a renovated school bus or RV. Having our home on wheels means we can travel with ease to wherever we want and have those experiences we desire. It’s why we’ve pushed for minimalism and downsized much of our possessions. It’s why we’re paying off our debt so our money can go towards these dreams.

After putting all of these thoughts and events together, I realized how willing I am to commit to this lifestyle, and how I’m on my way to changing a lot of things so we can have this life.

Responsible Freedom

I’ve been trying to put a label on our latest life journey. Yes, labels are bad in some cases. In this case, I want to find a label so I can find an explanation. The best I could come up with is Responsible Freedom.

It sounds like a huge contradiction, but allow me to explain.

Freedom to me is freedom from a boss and an office. I want to be my own boss. I don’t want to be on a regimen of 40-hour work weeks, overtime, and commuting until I’m able to retire. Basically, I want to use my talents to earn my money for myself.

Responsible Freedom to me means I am able to make enough money to keep our basic needs met without compromising my own time. I don’t care to miss out on life simply because I had to work an extra shift to keep a credit card paid. It seems like an insulting way to spend my time. For now, I am a professional job-hopper to attack my debt. Once I can make it on my own with my creative abilities, I won’t depend on these jobs anymore.

I’ve tried at-home based businesses, but it still felt like I was restricted by guidelines and brand standards I didn’t ever agree with. In this case, I am better off seeking my own way. My blog will document each of these steps along the way.