My Goal is to stray away from the norm in pursuit of my creative endeavors. It is my hope to reach out and touch others using my talent, and change lives in some small way. If anything, I want to serve as inspiration that your passions, no matter what they are, can guide you through the rest of your life.

middle fiinger

I Have Spent Years Job-Hopping in several different industries: marketing, sales, customer service, cleaning, education, food service, industrial, factories, and several others. Nothing ever stuck, and all of them left me unsatisfied.

WTF is this

There Was No Way I could live out the rest of my life in normal society. At age 27, I realized I needed to live the life I wanted and basically say F*&K everyone else who tells me otherwise.


With My Passion And My Wanderlust I hope to seek out a livelihood to keep me sane and keep me relevant.

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