My Current State

Day 84

Current Netflix Show: Everything Sucks (not sponsored)

Currently Eating: Organic chicken nuggets with blue cheese on the side.

Listening to: Anxiety-reducing Hz Video (also not sponsored)

Some Stuff Around Me: Water bottle, huge stack of Post-It notes, a sleeve from a Green Day CD, a light-up cat, several picture frames, my fabric scissors, and a towel for my non-light-up cat to use as a bed instead of my keyboard.

Drinking: Water.

Health Status: Slightly below average on account of my messed up neck.

Current Wish: for a nice, long back rub.

If I Could Go Anywhere Right Now: Venice Beach, Florida.

Favorite Moment From Today: Seeing the basset hound puppy at the park.

What Does Your Week Coming Up Look Like: A short but BUSY four days.

Any Plans For The Rest Of Your Day: Food prep, gym, and maybe a nap if I am lucky.

Your Favorite THING Right Now: My sunglasses

Your Favorite SONG Right Now: The Show Must Go On by Queen (also not sponsored)

Your Favorite OUTFIT Right Now: Black pants, red jersey t-shirt from a local bar, Converse sneakers, lace bralette, and whatever underpants are clean.

Your Favorite FOOD Right Now: Tomato Soup from Panera Bread (not sponsored, just delicious)

What Are You Reading: Currently 3 different books: Darker by E.L. James, I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe, and The End of The Suburbs by Leigh Gallagher.

Favorite YouTube Artists: Jenna Marbles Julien Solomita, PuddingWhispers, Shane Dawson, The Proper People, This Is Dan Bell, and several more. I might do a separate post on this topic because I follow SO MANY people!

Projects I’m Ignoring For No Good Reason: My romance novel, a crochet project involving flip-flop soles, and a short story that scared me so bad, I had to stop writing it.

Upcoming Projects: A (maybe?) sci-fi book from a short story I started a few years ago, submitting a few short stories and poems to some literary magazines, turning a doll head into a planter (look it up).



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I am a starving artist who was never meant for the traditional path. After losing my job and having our lives turned completely upside down, my husband and I are working towards the creative and unique life we've always wanted.

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