5 Little Reasons I Want To Work For Myself

It’s not going to happen all at once, but I am collecting all the knowledge I need to construct my great escape from the 9 – 5 work week. While I understand the importance of a business plan, I think I need to keep in mind the little reasons I am pursuing a life of creative self employment.

There aren’t very many, but there are five immediate reasons I desire a creative life. And, of course, it’s obvious that I am pursing this lifestyle as a chance to get paid to be creative. However, I need to look at the bigger picture and absorb all the small details. These little details are going to offer me daily satisfaction and keep me going.

1.) No Uniforms

Although I’m not in a fast food restaurant or working in a retail store, I still have to adhere to a dress code. I end up wearing the same clothes multiple times in a week just because they were the few pieces that follow the dress code.

I don’t agree with dress codes. I can still do the same job, even if I wear a hoodie and a pair of leggings. As long as I don’t meet with clients/customers/whomever, why can’t I be comfy and perform my tasks?

2.) My Bodily Functions Come First

TMI Alert: I use the restroom a few times in the morning. I cannot schedule these visits, and I cannot postpone them. No, it’s not a medical condition. It’s just who I am. Right now, if I’m off the phone not taking calls, it all counts as time against me. Never mind that I cannot hold it for another three hours until my next break. Whether or not it’s medical or just your anatomy, I do not agree with adjusting your rest room breaks to a set schedule you have no control over.

3.) Let Me Wear My Piercings

I’ve been able to get away with my lip and nose piercings in my current office situation, but that hasn’t always been the case. Again, holes in my face shouldn’t dictate my professionalism. My work ethic should shine brighter than the shines in my body.

4.) I Need to Question The Man

I cannot %100 follow authority simply because of their title. I have to be permitted to question authority from time to time. Policies are set in place to adhere to conformity, but you cannot expect all situations and persons to conform %100 of the time. And you cannot expect me to trust your judgement simply because you have a higher title than me. Yes, you’ve worked hard to get there, but that doesn’t mean you have been exposed to my particular situation. Give me a chance to question, even if I turn out to be wrong.

5.) Let Me Choose

I don’t want to be told my weekly schedule. I don’t want someone unfamiliar with my time, talents, or personal passions to tell me when it’s appropriate for me to eat my lunch or command I come in for mandatory overtime if I cannot find the extra time to come in.

Maybe I can get all my work done for the day in five hours. Maybe I need to work a few twelve hour days to get the horrible stuff all done and be finished for the rest of the week. There are more ways than one to complete a work week.


Can you think of little reasons you want to quit your 9 – 5 grind? What was one little thing you looked forward to when it came to working for yourself? Let me know below 🙂

My {F*&% This} Moment

I haven’t posted in a while. I can only blame myself, and maybe my crippling anxiety and depression.


It’s been slowly building for the past few weeks, for various reasons. Today, however, I think I finally reached a breaking point. And I always want to remember this moment. Here has been some contributing factors to my breaking point:

  • The annoying ‘group participation’ events at my job, which recently include taping a colorful notecard to our monitors with our colorful, branded greeting (I work in a call center)hatemyjobb
  • I tried to speak up about a supervisor I’ve had confrontations with, only to be told I was over-reacting
  • I’ve been hinting at further training and accepting further responsibilities hoping it would lead to some sort of minor promotion, only to be pushed aside while others are trained in similar areas I expressed interest in learning.

I’m done hitting my head against a brick wall waiting to break through. I need to actually put the work in and head towards the life I want.

I am angry, and I am motivated!