9 Of My Favorite Books from Childhood

Since my husband started teaching elementary school, we’ve been unearthing all sorts of books we used to read as children that students still read today! Here are just a few that have struck a fond memory for me:

  1. Officer Buckle and Gloria
    I can’t tell you how many times I checked this book out of the library. My mom read it to me every single time, and we always spoke the same line in the same goofy voice “Never stand on a swivel chair!” I used to call it the Swivel Chair Book or some variation, and I totally forgot the actual title until I came across it many years later.

  2. Henry and Mudge Series
    These were always my top favorites at the book fairs. I would always run to grab it as soon as I could before they could get snatched up. I know we didn’t have the entire series, but we had quite a few. With classic titles like Henry and Mudge and The Careful Cousin & Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat, they were irresistible to me. Nothing quite like the tails of a young boy and his big, friendly dog!

  3. Arthur series
    I was addicted to these books and the television series. I loved them both throughout most of my elementary years… and probably well into my middle school years. It was well below my reading level, but they were always a guilty pleasure of mine. My favorites included Arthur’s Chicken Pox, D.W. The Picky Eater, and Arthur’s Family Vacation.

  4. Anne of Green Gables
    Anne was a classic in our family, read to both my sister and myself by my mom. It took several nights to get through the series, but I always looked forward to the next chapter. The best part: my sister has passed the delight of this novel along to my youngest niece. Now we can all enjoy the pleasure of rebellious Anne… with an E.

  5. My Brother The Creep
    9780874060300I had an older brother, but the tales of a older sister with a pesky younger brother appealed to me over and over again. It was one of those silly books, another classic that my mom was happy to read to me over and over again.

  6. I Wish I Had Duck Feet
    “I wish I had duck feet/And I can tell you why…” I can damn near recite this entire book. Luckily, I had this book on tape so my mom didn’t have to read it nearly as often.

  7. The Mitten
    Critters. Handmade winter gear. Snow. It pretty much described my childhood in Minnesota. The only difference: the critters didn’t seek refuge in my lost mittens.

  8. Persnickety
    It’s hard to resist this neat and tidy little dragon. This one was so popular in our house, my mom purchased a copy to add to my husband’s classroom library.

  9. There’s a Monster at the End of This Book
    We took this book way too seriously. Grover would lay that brick wall, and we would fight our way through the pages. This book didn’t survive my childhood in the end. Too many torn pages.

Fighting For The Good Days

My kitty, Grace, just before the storms tonight.

I’ve had a double-whammy against my anxieties today. First, a major storm came through and knocked out the power. I don’t handle storms very well, especially when the power goes out. Then, I had a confrontational reply from a guy who was upset about a transaction we made via a Facebook garage sale group.

All of this was added on top of the shit pile that has been my life the last few weeks. I had to try and shake it. We went into my husband’s school to get work done, and I walked a few laps in the hall.

It eventually worked, and all I felt in the end was utter exhaustion and a deep, intense desire to just escape. Sadly, with no power, it’s hard to escape in our humid, damp apartment.

We went out for dinner, since we had to power. As I sat at dinner, recounting everything that sucked over the last few weeks, I started to think about the end of the day. The end of Sunday. Was I really going to end my weekend on a sour note, and go back to work bitter and disappointed?

I looked up at my husband and I asked him one simple question:

“What can I do to make this day end on a positive note?”

I used to hate it when people told me things like ‘life is how you make it’ and all that Hallmark chit chat. It made it feel like my negative feelings and experiences were not valid, and I had to easily brush them off and focus on the good.

It’s not the case. I can still accept my situation, and still feel my feelings, but still find a way to end my days on a high note while still accepting my situation. I’m not sure how I can do it, but I know I can manage. Even if it’s something as simple as crocheting a few rows on a blanket, or destroying my Wreck This Journal.

And alas, here is the end of another blog. And again, it’s a small step in the right direction towards my goals. Yay!


Bit by Bit::Little Steps To Get There

Yes. Taking little steps means my journey will take longer. At this point, anything is better than standing still.

Old selfie of no makeup and a good attitude!

My author page is still up on Facebook. I haven’t touched it in ages, but I am not going to admit defeat. Little by little, I am going to post content to draw attention for now. In time, I want to find time and inspiration to create more quality content.

I have also posted a book for free on Wattpad. I’d post a link, but I want to dedicate a blog post to that a little later. I also posted another one on Teachers Pay Teachers, which will also be another blog post.

At this point, I have taken three steps:

1.) Update my author Facebook page at least once a day, even if it’s with memes.

2.) Post my stories to Wattpad to generate interest.

3.) Update this blog, and slowly work towards a goal of more quality content.


*Deep breath* Yes! I did something today that helps me work towards my creative goals. *Pats myself on the back* Good job, Lyssa!

I’m Not Apologizing

Do people read this blog?

Does anyone really read blogs anymore?

What’s the point?

This is what I started asking myself shortly posting another post designed to grab reader’s attention and draw traffic to my site. My issue is, I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I’ve never made the connection on how to turn it into a career. I’m always driven by creativity, and adding money into the mix changed it for the worst.

I’m not competitive. If you don’t want to read my stuff, I can’t force you. Therefore, it is impossible to generate income with my mindset.

I could sit here and write some big long apology about how I haven’t posted in so many months. Or, like I’ve done in the past, I can delete the blog forever and return weeks later with a similar user name and similar content.

No. I’m done starting over. I’m going to stick wth it, with no apologies.

I don’t apologize for who I used to be, and I don’t apologize for the content I used to write. It tells a story, one about me trying to get my shit together, clear my mind, and write.

Will I occasionally post something that looks like it came from a content mill? More than likely. And will I even bother with a set schedule? Eh, not right now.

I want something to look forward to again. Something that doesn’t create unnecessary pressure, at least for right now. Maybe casually returning back to who I was will help me realize who I am in the future.