Fun Stores I Follow Online

Budsies [Instagram] [Facebook]


I’ve followed this company for years, and it’s recently grown in popularity. Parents send in drawings their children have done, and this company recreates it into a stuffed animal. You can also send in photos of your pets or family members (or yourself if you wish) and they will recreate it. It’s absolutely delightful to see childlike creations coming to life.

Uncommon Objects [Instagram]

Uncommon objects

If you are familiar with Grav3YardGirl on YouTube, you may already be familiar with the awesomeness that is Uncommon Objects. If you are not, allow me to elaborate. As the description states in the above image, it is basically a unique antique store in Austin, Texas. They have a strange collection of items, ranging from used paintbrushes, broken dolls, letters, taxidermy armadillo, and so on.

Perpetual Kid [Instagram] [Facebook]

Perpetual Kid

I have followed this company forever! Okay, maybe only since 2007. Anyways. They have the coolest products you never thought you needed. Do you need a new salt and pepper shaker set? Get one shaped like egg yokes and whites! Need to get a present for a baby shower? Purchase a fancy goatee pacifier!

The Sunshine Daydream Chicago Hippie Shop [Facebook]

HIppie Store.png

I found this store by accident. My dream is to track down this store and actually make a purchase. Having been raised by dirty hippies, I can’t stay away from anything tie dye.

Squishable [Instagram] [Facebook]


Here is another website I found by accident. I dream about having enough blow money to actually purchase a giant stuffed manatee. The best part, the employees post hilarious pictures of their creations around the office. Delightful!

My Favorite Literary Social Media Accounts

Miss Literarian [Instagram]

miss literarian

I started following Miss Literarian around the time I found Abbi Glines via Instagram. She is a fellow book-lover, her favorite of all being romance novels. My favorite posts are the beautiful quotes from her favorite books. She also interacts with her followers quite frequently, which is awesome.

Write Armor [Instagram]


If you need a daily reminder to work on your novel, this is the account for you. Enjoy little words of inspiration as well as regular writing prompts. They also post author quotes to give you a little extra inspiration.

Poems Porn [Facebook]

poems porn

Please do not take the term porn so literal in this case. There is a mixture of poems and motivational posts within this page. In any case, they are still beautiful verbal pieces of artwork. I highly recommend this when you are going through a rough patch, as many of these beautiful posts simply remind you how you are more important than the issues of this world.

The Plaid Zebra [Facebook]

The Plaid Zebra

Per the description via Facebook, The Plaid Zebra is an unconventional lifestyle magazine.  They do tend to write on more controversial topics including marijuana and abortions, but it’s not preachy or condemning. The articles are also in-depth and extremely thorough. They are very refreshing when your newsfeed is full of depressing stories and incomplete breaking stories.

Word Porn [Facebook]

Word Porn

Again, not actual porn (obviously). It’s similar to Poems Porn and I love it just as much. Lots of quotes, lots of love, lots of inspiration.

My Favorite Funny Social Media Accounts

Awkward Family Photos [Instagram] [Facebook]

Awkward Family Photos

A priceless collection of priceless memories contributed by readers. You can get lost in these images, laughing hysterically at any memories you recall. Remember when you used to wear the coke bottle glasses? Remember when Dad got arrested in Mexico? (Wait… what?)

What Bartenders & Servers Are Really Thinking [Facebook]


If you have ever worked in a restaurant in any position (host, waitress, grunt, etc), you will thoroughly enjoy this Facebook page. It is a satirical look at the world of food service, documenting the snarky remarks we have all have said or thought to ourselves at some point during our career.

Target Team Member Confessions [Facebook]

target employee

I have never worked at Target, but many of my friends have worked there. Still, this Facebook page fails to disappoint! It includes bits of humor as well as the occasional rant about the joys of being a Target team member.

Cyanide & Happiness [Facebook] [Instagram]


***MATURE CONTENT WARNING*** These are some of the most shocking and hilarious adult cartoons you can find right on your everyday Facebook and Instagram feed. Helps break up the monotony of baby announcements, engagement photos, and blah blah blah.

Nascar Memes [Facebook]

nascar memes

I’ll admit, this one is tailored to the niche of people who are really into Nascar. If you know who the drivers are and how they’ve raced over the last few years, you’ll understand and appreciate the humor here. In the time it took me to write this, Danica wrecked. HA!

The Oatmeal [Facebook] [Instagram]

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is another brand of adult comics leaning more on the ridiculous side more than the mature content side. I enjoy the snarky humor and the original illustrations. And every once in a while, by accident, a cartoon may actually motivate you. Follow them, you’ll see what I mean.

I Waste So Much Time [Facebook]


Welcome to the page that has eaten up more of my free time than all other social media sites combined. Enjoy humor, wisdom, and unexpected inspiration all with one page. I would say %99 of the posts have yet to see posted anywhere else, giving you a fresh feed to fill your time. Follow with caution, as you may no longer remain productive with your Internet time.

The Onion [Facebook]

The Onion

I feel like this one should be well-known unless you live under a rock. However, I will be less judgmental simply because I hadn’t heard of it until almost college. The Onion, in it’s basic form, is a funny newspaper. The headlines may shock you, until you realize it came from the amazing imaginations that make up The Onion staff.

Garfield Minus Garfield [Facebook]


I was introduced to this marvelous page in college. If you enjoy Garfield, you will ironically enjoy the same Garfield comics… without Garfield. Take a look into Jon’s life, and realize how much of his daily interactions revolve around this cat. It can be hilarious or sad, depending on your emotional connection to the cartoon.

What To Do When It’s Taboo To Be You [At Work]

I’m going to admit, I am extremely proud of myself for coming up with such a title. I’m sure I won’t be all that proud of it down the line.

Hello! It’s Me!

The selfie you see above was taken today. For the first time in a long-ass time, I finally felt like myself again. My hair was dyed, I had all my piercings in, I wore my favorite hoodie, I had contacts again, and my makeup was just how I like it.

Having dyed hair and piercings are something I’ve always done to make me feel pretty. It was never meant to offend anyone or rebel against the man. Although these features remain tasteful, they remain huge no-nos across the board for many business establishments in regards to their workers.

We all must have normal hair and we must all keep our face free from metal. I can understand from a hygiene perspective for, say, a fast food restaurant. Piercings come loose, and could fall into someone’s food. I get it.

What I fail to understand is how these items remain taboo within other work environments, especially in one where I do not deal with people face to face. In many of my call center jobs, ones were I never dealt with people coming in and out, we were told to dress professional. No ‘radical’ hair colors and absolutely no piercings. Even my tiny little nose stud was considered offensive.

I get why some of the rules are in place. Some people get really into body art, and tend to get some pretty radical piercings, tattoos, etc. A lot of companies choose not to have that be their image. But why must we also include the tasteful hint of color or subtle piercings in the guidelines?

I don’t want to be one of those people wrapped up with my appearance, but there are some things I simply wear just to feel like myself. It helps. It’s like a little Lyssa Uniform. Having thick eyeliner, piercings, and red hair makes me feel like I’m ready to take on the world.

Over the last (approximately) two or three years, I’ve been stuck in a rut and unable to express myself simply for the sake of a business standpoint. It seemed odd they wanted me to care enough about the company to alter my appearance, but had no issue letting me go even after I met their guidelines.

[Yes, I do understand there are multiple reasons for firing someone. And maybe I wasn’t fitting their standards already in another aspect, which I’ll accept at this point. In any case, the appearance standards just didn’t feel right to me.]

I’m lucky to be in a job right now that allows me to dye my hair. I have another co-worker with violet hair, so I figured my red hair wouldn’t be so bad. It makes me nervous because the company is going through ‘changes’ which means changes to the dress code. I think technically it’s not allowed, but they are being relaxed with the rules for now. I’m not arguing, but I avoid wearing my piercings in case the sales reps visit the floor.

So what is there to do when simply being you is taboo at work?

[As a side note, I don’t want my opinions to be a defining fact for those facing any unjustified discrimination or prejudice based on their religion, sexuality, or anything similar. I have never been through that, so I could never fully understand what it’s like to live like that.]

1.) Wear it proudly when you can.

Even if it’s just on the weekends, you feel free to be you. Step out into the world and enjoy those things that make up who you are. You don’t have to draw attention to yourself, but maybe spend some time out in public or meet some friends at a coffee house.

2.) Customize your work environment.

If you are permitted to, listen to your favorite music via earbuds when possible. Change your wallpaper on your desktop to a favorite band, product, or movie of yours. Keep small decorations at your desk to match your style. It will help keep the environment less sterile.

3.) Find a look that suits work standards.

In the end, I simply like exaggerated looks from time to time. I try and wear a lot of bright colors mixed with black. I also found an awesome pair of knee high boots to wear with my favorite dresses. It matches my style while still being work-appropriate!

New Blog What??

As I am on the quest to take myself seriously, all signs pointed to WordPress. At least for now…

Yay fragmented sentences!

This blog has little to no point, other than to establish that I am in a period of transition? Not sure if it’s important to anyone besides me, but I am still pretty important.

I am one step closer to owning my own domain. Huzzah!!