hi·a·tus [hīˈādəs]

My lack of consistent content reminds me of the old handmade GeoCities, when the creator would go on long-ass hiatus. Usually, this was on their main page:


I’m still here. I’m just going through quite a bit. Mostly good, so no worries there. We recently moved out of the midwest. Here is my brand new office view:

IMG_20181021_144627576_HDRMy husband and I are getting settled finally, which means I need to give some more attention back to my creative endeavors. I think I may need to actually make a list of topics to explore and the appropriate mediums for each.

There’s been a lot on my mind, but I’ll leave that up to future posts to properly explain.  Thanks for hanging in there!

Writer’s Block Wednesday:: Lit Mags, pt1

This is what I’ve been working on instead of writing this week. It was meant to be a COMPLETE LIST of literary magazines I hand-picked from a larger list. I wanted to find ways to publish my work without trying to fit into a theme or a demographic.

The list below is HUGE, but only goes through the Cs. They have no limits on age, genre, type, or themes [for the most part]. Many of them may lean towards unusual or strange themes, and all of them should be currently looking for submissions as of the time I publish this post.

I did this for my benefit, but I wanted to put it here. It is  a jumbled mess of just links, but I hope it offers some help to anyone else out there!


Black Heart Magazine

5X5 Literary Magazine

34th Parallel Indie Lit Mag

A Minor Magazine

Aberration Labyrinth [poetry]


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Androit Journal

After Hour Review


Alaska Quarterly Review

Albion Review

All The Sins

Apersand Review [poetry]

Antioch Review

Apeiron Review




Arts & Letters

Avatar Review


Baltimore Review

Bangalore Review



Bayou Magazine

Beautiful Losers

Belle Ombre

Bennington Review

Big Window Review

Bitterzoet Magazine

Black Candies

Black Fox

Black Warrior Review


Blue Bonnet Review

Blue Earth Review

Blue Nib

Blue River Review


Boiler Journal


Bourbon Penn

Brain, Child

Bread Crumbs

Broad River Review

Burningword Literary Journal

Cape Rock

Cardinal Sins

Carnival Literary Magazine

Carte Blanche

Carve Magazine

Cat On A Leash Review

Cease, Cows

Cimarron Review

Claudius Speaks

Colorado Review

Communion Arts Magazine



Copper Nickle

Courtship of Winds

Crab Fat Magazine

Crack the Spine




Writer’s Block Wednesday::COMING SOON!

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, writer’s block is defined as: a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece

I describe it as a pain in my @$$.

So many professors told me throughout my college career to just keep writing, even if it’s crap. I had a high school teacher tell my creative writing class to just keep going, even if you have to write the same word over and over and over and over…

[See what I did there]

There is so much in my life coming up, and I don’t want to keep shoving my creative goals aside to cater to the rest of the world around me. Granted, I do need to sleep, and eat, and shower [sometimes], but overall, I need to take my creativity seriously and more often.

Writer’s Block Wednesday provides me with a themed and weekly outlet to redirect my energy back towards my short-term and long-term writing goals.

I’m not going to necessarily say what they are about, mainly because I have no idea myself.

Stay tuned for TOMORROW’S POST! [omg deadlines. HA!]

My Current State

Day 84

Current Netflix Show: Everything Sucks (not sponsored)

Currently Eating: Organic chicken nuggets with blue cheese on the side.

Listening to: Anxiety-reducing Hz Video (also not sponsored)

Some Stuff Around Me: Water bottle, huge stack of Post-It notes, a sleeve from a Green Day CD, a light-up cat, several picture frames, my fabric scissors, and a towel for my non-light-up cat to use as a bed instead of my keyboard.

Drinking: Water.

Health Status: Slightly below average on account of my messed up neck.

Current Wish: for a nice, long back rub.

If I Could Go Anywhere Right Now: Venice Beach, Florida.

Favorite Moment From Today: Seeing the basset hound puppy at the park.

What Does Your Week Coming Up Look Like: A short but BUSY four days.

Any Plans For The Rest Of Your Day: Food prep, gym, and maybe a nap if I am lucky.

Your Favorite THING Right Now: My sunglasses

Your Favorite SONG Right Now: The Show Must Go On by Queen (also not sponsored)

Your Favorite OUTFIT Right Now: Black pants, red jersey t-shirt from a local bar, Converse sneakers, lace bralette, and whatever underpants are clean.

Your Favorite FOOD Right Now: Tomato Soup from Panera Bread (not sponsored, just delicious)

What Are You Reading: Currently 3 different books: Darker by E.L. James, I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe, and The End of The Suburbs by Leigh Gallagher.

Favorite YouTube Artists: Jenna Marbles Julien Solomita, PuddingWhispers, Shane Dawson, The Proper People, This Is Dan Bell, and several more. I might do a separate post on this topic because I follow SO MANY people!

Projects I’m Ignoring For No Good Reason: My romance novel, a crochet project involving flip-flop soles, and a short story that scared me so bad, I had to stop writing it.

Upcoming Projects: A (maybe?) sci-fi book from a short story I started a few years ago, submitting a few short stories and poems to some literary magazines, turning a doll head into a planter (look it up).



They Were Feelings, Not Expectations::Breaking Free To Be A Better Person

Day 34

Current Office Goals

  • Search for freelance writing jobs
  • Drink only water because I finally have invisible braces!
  • Come to terms and accept my personal, concrete expectations and stop letting my old feelings taunt me as fake expecations

Ok, that last one might just be an overall concept to grasp over time. Still, it’ll be a brief topic of conversation that may turn into a rant.

I’ve been super upset lately over how I’ve treated my writing talent. My dream was to turn it into a career, but I ended up coming up with excuse after excuse to put it aside. Life got in the way, the 2008 recession took away the jobs I worked towards, and I spent a good chunk of my 20s broke, gaining weight, battling mental health issues, and struggling to keep my bills paid.

Years later, nearing the age of 30, it’s almost as if my brain has calmed down and given me a chance to see my surroundings. I don’t spend the majority of my day worrying about keeping my bills paid. Most of my demons calmed down. As of this morning, I’m also down 11 pounds!

My biggest stress is thinking about not living up to expectations. When I start reading up on how to write full-time or listening to podcasts, I compare my life journey to theirs and feel terrible. Why did I waste so much of my life? Instead of all those hours just sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I could have taken advantage of every writing opportunity.

In the end, I felt like I met zero expectations.

Recently, I realized the truth. These were not expectations. It’s all man-made feelings I created to just make me feel sorry for myself.

This is not the way to live. I love to write. I love to read. Nothing else, hobby-wise or even live, should get in my way.

I’m shedding those old feelings. I had similar hard feelings when it came to exercise, eating right, and paying off debts. Each time, I felt horrible for not doing it before. Trying to change the habits initially made me feel embarrassed about doing terrible things in the first place.

No more feeling sorry for myself. Because I took those first steps in the past, I paid off most of the debts, I’ve cut down on junk food, and I’ve lost weight.

This blog post reads something like a poorly written essay based on a high school English class prompt. I don’t care. I’m leaving it. Woot!

Recovering and Reprogramming

Day 28

Current Office [& Life] Goals

  • Finish writing another fan fiction chapter
  • Manage time wisely today to balance rest with my normal Sunday chores
  • Track my calories today

I hurt my shoulder Friday morning. Well, it woke up hurting. I’m not sure what I did to it, if anything. I got a bulging disc last year, and it happened again. I’m able to function, but the muscle is still tight.

The injury threw me off this weekend. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxers to help me rest, and I ended up sleeping most of Friday. I also ate a giant cheat meal Friday and went passed my calorie count on Saturday.

It’s only been two days, but I want to spend today getting myself back on task. I realized when I’m tracking my calories, I tend to be more organized about the rest of my day. While I still intend on resting my shoulder as much as possible today, I still want to get other things done.

Time to maximize my lounging time. WOOT!

I also bought a new robe to enhance post-shower time and days of relaxation. Yay!

I look like a sparkly Care Bear!

The Snow is Melting

Day 19

Current Office Goals

  • Pay my bills
  • Eat my lunch (I ate most of it… it didn’t reheat well)
  • Finish this blog post

Today is the first nice day in a long time. In honor of it, we are spending most of the day outdoors. The husband and I are finishing up lunch and then heading out for a walk.

I need to master the art of time management. I can get so much more done on the weekends, but I need to find what works for me.

There is rain expected in the forecast tomorrow. We got some DVDs from the library to enjoy. Maybe I’ll just keep my laptop close while we chill.